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Unity3D Integration

For your convenience, we've recorded the video of the integration.

  1. Download the latest version of the package.
  2. Import the Balancy plugin.
  3. Press Integration Info button on the Dashboard and copy game id with public key to use in the code:


  4. Call the Init method with those arguments:

Balancy.Main.Init(new Balancy.AppConfig {
    ApiGameId = YOUR_GAME_ID,
    PublicKey = YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY,
    Environment = Balancy.Constants.Environment.Development,
    OnReadyCallback = responseData => { Debug.Log("Balancy Initialized: " + responseData.Success); }

Further reading

Balancy consists of several modules for your convenience.

  1. Data Editor - a place to work with Game Balance Data.
  2. Auth - authorizations.
  3. Payments - purchase In-App and get information about them.