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Assets are all objects which you store in Addressables. If you are not using Addressables in your game you should ignore this page or better start using them.

  1. In Unity Open Balancy->Tools and click on Synch Addressables.
  2. The synchronization process starts.
  3. Balancy detects which addressables were changed after the last synchronization and uploads images for the new/updated files only. It means that the first synchronization might take some time, while all subsequent will be faster.
  4. After the process is done open Data Structure -> Assets section in DE and you should see the list of all your Assets. Screenshot

  5. If you have any parameter of type Asset, you'll be able to pick it from the dropdown menu: Screenshot

  6. In the generated code your parameter will have the type UnnyAsset. For now, it has only one field Name, which is enough for a developer to load the addressable.