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What's next

Currently, our Data Editor is becoming the central tool of Balancy. We are planning to improve it dramatically in the future and create awesome connections with other tools we have. Here is a brief plan for our development:

  1. SmartObjects - they are very similar to Documents, but used mostly to keep track of the player's progress. There will be a simple method like LoadSmartObject(), which will load or create the player's progress, automatically track all the changes you make, and synchronize it with our server.
  2. Localization - will be integrated into our DE. We'll provide a new type, similar to the string, but it'll hold the localization key. All the values for all the languages are also stored in our DE and automatically delivered to the game as any other game content. The cool feature is that our code will automatically detect any language changes and always give you the localized value. You can forget about writing any code for the localizations. We'll also provide a convenient import/export from DE, so you could share it with companies, that make actual localization for you.
  3. Data validation - a lot can change while you edit your game data: the type, the value,.. and it's hard to keep track of everything all the time. For convenience we'll add additional settings for each parameter: string regex, number range, etc... Once you decide to Generate new data, Balancy will first validate everything for the errors, and only if everything is ok it'll update the game content, otherwise, it'll provide you with the information of what data was corrupted. It's a super convenient tool for projects of any size, you can be always sure your data is relevant and has no mistakes.