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Store Items

StoreItems section holds everything you can sell directly through the in-game Store or via Game Offers.


Name Description
Sprite The image associated with this Store Item. Read more about Data Objects
Name The name of the Store Item
Price Price can be in Hard Currency, Soft Currency or watching Ads
Reward Detailed information about the items player gets


If your game requires any additional parameters, you should inherit a new Template from StoreItem and add as many parameters as you need. New Template creates a new section in navigation though.

Section for programmers

  1. Purchase Store Item. The method includes our backend receipt validation for in-app purchases.
Balancy.LiveOps.Store.PurchaseStoreItem(storeItem, purchaseResponse =>
    Debug.Log("Purchase status " + purchaseResponse.Success + " for " + purchaseResponse.ProductId);
  1. If you did your own validation, use one of the following methods:
//Hard purchases
Balancy.LiveOps.Store.ItemWasPurchased(storeItem, paymentInfo, purchaseResponse =>
    Debug.Log("Purchase status " + purchaseResponse.Success + " for " + purchaseResponse.ProductId);

//Soft purchases
Balancy.LiveOps.Store.ItemWasPurchased(storeItem, price);
  1. If you are using Ads as a price, use the following method after an Ad was watched for the specific StoreItem. When storeItem.IsEnoughResources() to purchase the storeItem for Ads, invoke Balancy.LiveOps.Store.PurchaseStoreItem method.
  1. There are additional methods, which are available for StoreItem:
bool isFree = storeItem.IsFree();
bool isEnoughResources = storeItem.IsEnoughResources();
int watchedAdsCount = storeItem.GetWatchedAds();
int requiredAdsCount = storeItem.GetRequiredAdsToWatch();

Visit the Payments section for additional info