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Balancy is a SaaS with monthly payments. We are tying to keep our pricing as low as possible without any quality loss. Currently we accept PayPal payments, but we can discuss other options if necessary.

We charge per Game Title and each game have it's own payment deadline, depending on it's creation date.

Free Plus Pro Enterprise
Annual Payment 0$ $10 per seat / game / month $20 per seat / game / month $XX
Montly Payment 0$ $15 per seat / game / month $40 per seat / game / month $XX
Seats 1-3 1-5 4-10 10+
Documents* 1000 5000 20000 Unlimited
CDN Included 2Gb 10Gb 100Gb 1000Gb
History (soon) - + + +
Branches (soon) - - + +
A/B Testing (soon) - - + +

*Documents - you can see an approximate value based on the Id's of your document. Each new Document, Component, Template, enum will add an additional Id. The number won't go down if you remove a document, because technically it's not removed and you can restore it later if you want to. We've taken into account approximately 10% of removed documents when we were planing our pricing. Please don't try to minimize this value in exchange to the convenience for your team.

Pay as you go

Besides of the flat fee we charge additionally for the bandwidth usage.

  • $0.2 per additional Gb

All the game balance is split into many json files (one for each Template) and the data is being delivered to your clients when they launch your game. If your make any changes in the balance, only the changed Json files will be delivered. The size of each file multiplied by the time it was downloaded from our servers is the bandwidth we charge for. This fee is not something your should worry about, we just added it to make sure our business is profitable for any kind of games we serve.