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Welcome to Balancy Documentation

Balancy is a superhero that swoops in to save game studios from the clutches of mediocrity. Our mission? To increase LTV and help studios triumph over competitors by customizing and personalizing gaming experiences.

What is Balancy?

Balancy is a robust, flexible tool designed to run Live Operations and manage in-game economies. It facilitates essential features such as virtual currencies, inventory systems, player progression, and more. Our core feature helps game developers run and analyze Live Operations, which, as a result, increases a game's LTV. LiveOps managers and Game Designers get convenient tools to work remotely with Game Events, Personalised Offers, A/B Testing, and Segmentation. Balancy requires minimum effort from engineers and helps them with many automated tools.

Why use Balancy?

Balancy provides extensive features to support your game's LiveOps and economy, whether you're developing a small indie game or a large-scale multiplayer project. It offers flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs. By using Balancy, you can save development time and focus more on gameplay and user experience.

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How to use this guide?

This guide is divided into several sections:

  • Quick Start: This section covers setting up Balancy and running LiveOps.
  • LiveOps: Here, you'll find more detailed instructions on using Live Operations.
  • Content Management System: This section overviews the Balancy balance editor, inventory, and in-game economy.
  • Deploy: Learn how to deliver data from Balancy to players.

Feel free to navigate through the documentation in a way that suits best to your needs. If you have any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're here to help!