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Push notifications

This section allows you to manage server pushes.


You can schedule the sending of a push notification for a specific time and to a specific segment of players.

Be care with segment

Choose the player segment wisely to avoid accidentally sending a push notification to a group of players who should not receive it.


  1. Update unity plugin to the last version.
  2. Send Firebase token to our server.
    1. You can do it in Firebase callback Firebase.Messaging.FirebaseMessaging.TokenReceived += OnTokenReceived:
      public void OnTokenReceived(object sender, Firebase.Messaging.TokenReceivedEventArgs token) {
          Balancy.LiveOps.Pushes.RegisterFirebaseToken(token.Token, data => {});
    2. But sometimes this callback is called before you authorize in Balancy. So you can manually get and send token after the authorization:

      Firebase.Messaging.FirebaseMessaging.GetTokenAsync().ContinueWithOnMainThread(res =>
          Balancy.LiveOps.Pushes.RegisterFirebaseToken(res.Result, data => {});

      Use ContinueWithOnMainThread

      It's important to use ContinueWithOnMainThread (instead of ContinueWith) to make sure that function is called from the main Unity thread.

Repeatable pushes

You can create a push notification that will be sent at a specified frequency. For example, every 12 hours.