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  1. After placing a rewarded video or any other Ad, you can track the revenue you made from it using the following method:

    Balancy.LiveOps.Ads.TrackRevenue(<ad_type>, <revenue>, <placement>);

    Balancy supports 3 types of Ads:

    • Rewarded
    • Interstitial
    • Custom

    You can use the Custom ad type for any ads, which don't fit into Rewarded or Interstitial.

  2. You can use the revenue earned or the amount of placed Ads in the Conditional Logic:

    1. Select the Primitive User Property condition.
    2. Choose ads metric.


  3. You can use Ads in Visual Scripting to run your campaigns. For example: After watching 3 Rewarded Videos the player gets a Starter Pack Hero offer: