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Launch Check List

Follow this comprehensive workflow for a seamless release of game update on App Store/Google Play:

Preparation Steps

  1. Begin by deploying all recent changes to the Dev environment. Ensure to specify the minimum app version compatible with the new data.
  2. Rigorously test the app within the Dev environment to confirm everything operates as intended.
  3. Safeguard your progress by migrating data from Dev to Stage environment. This strategy maintains a stable version on Stage in the event of issues during the review phase, leaving Dev free for ongoing developments.

Build Process

  1. Utilize Unity to Download Data from either Dev or Stage environments. At this point, both environments should align in terms of data.
  2. Critical Step: Build your game specifying the Production environment in the Init method. Although the Production cloud may lack data, the previously injected information will temporarily suffice.
  3. Thoroughly test the build. Address any issues, potentially looping back to step (1) for major fixes. Despite targeting the Production environment, the embedded higher-version data prevails.


  1. Submit the polished build to App Store/Google Play.
  2. Patiently await approval before releasing the build.


  1. Post-approval, execute a final migration of data from Stage to Production, mindful of the minimum version prerequisites.
  2. With everything in place, you are now free to modify data within the Production environment, deploying real-time updates directly to your players.

Adhering to this checklist ensures a streamlined, efficient, and less error-prone release process, contributing to a smoother experience for your players and maintaining the integrity of your live product.