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Build Deployment

The workflow we advise you to follow whenever you are updating the game in the AppStore/GooglePlay.

  1. Deploy all the changes on the Dev Environment, specifying the minimum version of the App, which can work with the new balance data.
  2. Migrate the data from the Dev environment to the Stage environment.
  3. In Unity Download the Data from the Dev or Stage Environments. At this point, both environments have the same data.
  4. Build your game with the Production environment passed in the Init method.
  5. Test the build and make necessary fixes, which might require starting from the (1). Even though the build is connected to the Production environment, the data saved in the build has a higher version and thus will be used.
  6. Send build to the AppStore/GooglePlay.
  7. Once the build is approved, release it.
  8. Migrate the data from the Stage environment to the Production. Don't forget about the minimum version.
  9. Now you can change the data in the Production environment and deploy it for the player at run-time.