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Smart Offers

Special offers (aka Personalised Offers) can make the most money for your company and bring the biggest value to your customers. Besides making money, they can serve other purposes as well, like pushing players to make their first purchase or retaining a player, who is about to churn.

  • New player completes the first level -> offer them a Starter Pack.
  • Player is playing for 3 days and doesn’t make a single purchase-> Offer them a time-limited pack with a huge discount to convert them to paying users.
  • Player lost 3 matches in a row -> Offer them a Power Booster.
  • Player pays a lot -> hide all cheap offers and show more expensive ones.

Such a list is limited only by your imagination. You shall be testing a lot of such offers during LiveOps. Personalized offers are very hard to implement and require a lot of knowledge from the team, but this is the future of the gaming industry.

Thanks to Balancy you already have all the tools you need to start your experiments.


Name Description
Sprite The image associated with this Offer. Read more about Data Objects
Name The name of the Offer
Duration How long will the offer be available to a user after the initial offering? (In seconds)
Store Item Defines what you are selling in this offer. Read more about Store Item
Description Detailed information about the offer
Reward Detailed information about the items player gets. You can edit them here or on separate page Store Item
Limit Maximum amount of item player can get


If your game requires any additional parameters, you should inherit a new Template from GameOffer and add as many parameters as you need. New Template creates a new section in navigation though.

Offer Groups

There are several types of Offer Groups, and the most popular is the Chain Deal - a series of offers presented to a user in a sequence. A player has to purchase or accept as a gift one offer in the chain before moving on to the next one. Offers in a chain deal can be versatile: from currencies and in-game items to bundles and loot boxes.


Type Description
Unlimited Purchases Players can purchase any Store Item in such group without limits while the Offer Group is active.
Chain Deals A player has to purchase or accept one offer in the chain as a gift before moving on to the next one.
Only One Purchase A player can purchase only one Store Item from the available list. After purchase, the Offer Group disappears.
Purchase Each Offer Once A player can purchase all the Store Items in a random order, but only once.

Section for programmers

You can request all active offers. Call this method only after OnSmartObjectsInitialized is invoked.

var activeOffers = Balancy.LiveOps.GameOffers.GetActiveOffers();
var activeOfferGroups = Balancy.LiveOps.GameOffers.GetActiveOfferGroups();

Visit the Payments section to read how you can purchase Offers.

Visit the Programmers Section and learn how to subscribe for important events.

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