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User segmentation is the process of separating users into distinct groups, or segments, based on shared characteristics. A company might segment users based on language preferences, product version, geographical region, or user persona.

Balancy has several built-in segments:


Defines how much in total the player has already paid in the game:

- Killer Whale ≥$1500
- Whale ≥$500
- Orca ≥$150
- Dolphin ≥$30
- Minnow ≥$1
- None $0


Defines how often the player makes purchases.

- F0 (None)
- F1 (Daily)
- F3 (2-4 a Week)
- F7 (Weekly)
- F14 (Once per 2 Weeks)
- F30 (Monthly)
- F60 (Rarely)


Defines how much time passed since the last purchase.

None (never)
R0 (<1 day)
R1 (1-2 days)
R2 (2-7) days
R7 (7+ days)


Defines the maximum one-time payment the player can afford. If the user made < 5 purchases, MaxPay = highest price, otherwise we exclude 2 highest prices and take the most expensive price from the rest.

- $5
- $10
- $20
- $50
- $100

Visit the Payments section to understand the importance of validation of the purchases.

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