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Template: Game Shop

Integrate a universal game shop into any game using this versatile template.

Shop Example Screenshot

Getting Started

Follow these steps to implement the shop in your project:

  1. Add Shop Template: Integrate the Shop Template into your Balancy project.

    Shop Template Screenshot

  2. Configure Game Store:

    • Navigate to the Game Store section.
    • Select My Shop from the package.

    Selected Shop Screenshot

  3. Deploy Project:

    • Deploy your project for the changes to take effect.
  4. Accessing Source Code:

    • Download the latest package and import it into your game.
    • Alternatively, clone the complete Unity project from our repository.
  5. Testing the Shop:

    1. Using BalancyShopScene:
      1. In the Launcher game object, set your project's Api Game Id and Public Key. Launcher Game ID Screenshot
      2. Start the scene.
    2. Using BalancyShopGameView prefab:
      1. Register the listener: ExternalEvents.RegisterSmartObjectsListener(new BalancyShopSmartObjectsEvents());.
      2. Link to the DemoUI script on the prefab.
      3. Follow our initialization example. Balancy Shop Init Screenshot
      4. Play the scene.
  6. Final Outcome:

    • The complete shop should be visible and functional in your game environment.