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Sometimes you may need to do additional data manipulation in Google Spreadsheets. You can set up import from them into Balancy and export from Balancy.

If you are planning to use Balancy for an existing game in which balance is stored in Spreadsheets, then this feature is helpful for importing all the data into Balancy without having to fill everything manually.


  1. Give write and read access to the service account by adding mail

  2. Open the Spreadsheets settings window:


  1. Copy id from the address bar.


  1. Paste it into the field Spreadsheet id.

  2. After that, you can import/export specific templates on the page.

  3. If you open a page of a specific template, you can set unique settings for it.

For example, if you have a unique parameter, then you can select it to identify rows. If you do so there will be no BalancyId column, and rows from tables will be matched by this parameter with records in Balancy.


Each Sheet in Spreadsheets should be named like templates. If there is no tab with the same name, then it will be created automatically during export.


  1. Service column BalancyId needed for matching rows from Spreadsheets with Balancy records.
  2. Service column BalancyExportable to indicate whether the document should be added to the generated JSON during deploy.
  3. The rest of the columns are named template parameters.
  4. Components are exported as JSON.