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Display Format

Imagine you have a very complex structure of conditions based on Components. It should look something like this:


You can easily change how your components are displayed without changing the logic.


  1. Open Template, which displays the view you want to change.
  2. Select Use custom display format?
  3. Display format becomes available for editing
  4. Use the following code to customize the display:
Name Description
{template.displayName} Display Name of the component will be placed instead
{< Parameter Name >} Place a Parameter Name into the brackets {} and it will be replaced with the parameter's actual value
any string Any other information is left without changes. You can use strings, numbers, or any symbols
{icon(<shape>, <text>, <color>)} Shows icon. For <shape>, you can use one of the available shapes: circle, square, capsule, and rectangle. For example {icon(circle, &&, #666666)}.
{\n} Could be used to move items to the next line. Useful if you have many components params that need to show inside the table.