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Section for Programmers

To receive important LiveOps events, such as new Offer activate/deactivate, A/B test started, Segment changed, etc... follow the next steps:

  1. Create a new class inherited from interface ISmartObjectsEvents. You can use the example we provide SmartObjectsEventsExample.
  2. Register SmartObjects listener ExternalEvents.RegisterSmartObjectsListener(new SmartObjectsEventsExample());. If you are using our Store, you should also register LiveOps Store listener ExternalEvents.RegisterLiveOpsListener(new LiveOpsStoreEventsExample());.
  3. Whenever LiveOps package invokes an important event, the associated method of ISmartObjectsEvents is called.
  4. Read the comments in the SmartObjectsEventsExample.cs file to understand the meaning of each method.
  5. void OnSmartObjectsInitialized(); is the starting point. Don't try to call any method of SmartObjects package before it's called.

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