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Ad Watchers Conversion

This Template's purpose is to convert your loyal customer, who watch a lot of rewarded ads, to your paying customer.

We are tracking how many rewarded ads a user has watched. Once they have watched 20 rewarded ads, they were exposed to a special offer at a good price. If they convert, we simply finish the script, our goal is achieved. If they don’t make a purchase, we wait until they have watched 50 ads and make one more special offer for the same price, but higher value. We kept increasing the value until they finally convert into their first purchase in the game. And as you know, once users make their first purchase, they are more likely to make the second, third and so on.

What Template Includes

Game Offers

3 Offers with different value, but the same price of $0.99. Each next offer is more valuable than the previous one.


Conversion Script

The script tracks the amount of rewarded ads watched and shows Offers at 20/50/100 ads.


Game Event

A simple event only to launch the Conversion Script.


Section for programmers

  1. Learn how to track ads.
  2. Subscribe for all the important events about Game Offers.