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Other Templates

In the LiveOps package, there are some additional templates, which we need to cover in this section


An Item Document represents one entity within your game. It can be a sword, shield, wood, stone - anything from your game.

Name Description
Name The name of the Item
MaxStack The maximum amount of Item, which can be put in one Slot

We want to keep this structure as universal as possible, thus we didn't add too many parameters. However, your game probably needs much more parameters than we offer. Just create a new Template inherited from Item and add as many parameters as you need.

Store Item

This is what we sell in our offers.


Name Description
Sprite The image associated with this Store Item. Read more about Data Objects
Name The name of the Store Item
Price The price of the current Store Item. It can contain soft or hard currencies.
Reward The list of Items with the amount you purchase.

Smart Config

A singleton that store additional settings.

Name Description
Offer Products Offers can have different prices and discounts, Balancy automatically finds the best product which can be associated with a specific Offer and Discount pair. Balancy search for the product from this very list.

Item With Amount

This structure holds a link to an Item and its quantity Count. A negative value for Count will be replaced with the MaxStack value of the Item in the code. This is especially convenient when you are going to change MaxStacks.

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